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2 'YACHT CLUB MIAMI guitar picks per pack// .71mm pink celluloid guitar picks with "Yacht Club Miami" written in cream on both sides. Promotional item coinciding with the release of yachtclubmiami III. ( Comes in 1x1 Pink Dime bag) $5:00 cause they were a little expensive to make Making money was never my goal,if youve bought any of my work (my "albums" or any music, please note I've Never accepted it and you got your money back but for this specific thing i do need money to back it (lol). I wanna make money back so i can keep making cool merch. I want my merch game to be so hard. I'm Talkin Hoodies, USB Flashdrives, Hats, T-Shirts, Sweatpants, Notebooks,Handmade sunglasses, and maybe some Zippo Lighters( which im excited about because I use a my own YCM ZIPPO everyday.) Shit, I'll even sell you the art I've made over the years, if you can call it that(lol)I wanna give you awesome merch that you would want regardless of it was a band tee and or stuff other bands don't. Of course i'll have CD's maybe vinyl one day but my main focus was always turning 'yachtclubmiami' into a brand. Its not just about the music that I love and have been making for almost a decade, it's about creating a brand with something everyone can enjoy and I wanna get to a point where I can give you guys and girls and anyone of all genders and all ways of life something you will genuinely Want and I would like to be able to give it to you for free, but i just don't have funding for it right now. Email me if you wanna see some clothing I've created or anything like that! AND ALSO PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH IDEAS OF MERCH YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN, PLEASE it would help so much to know what people want and would love to know what you would love for artists to have but maybe do not have. I'd be glad to give you a taste of what I'm into and hopefully some of you will be too. Thank you to everyone who has ever supported me through the years and continues to support me. i genuinely, from the bottom of my heart love you all.

My e-mail is: yachtclubmiami@gmail.com // and i 100% Will be responding to every single email I get. Again thank you much.

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